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(Crafts) Cottonball Snowman

Bring the snowy-day activities inside where it is warm with this super easy winter craft!



Pipecleaner (or other item of your choice)


Draw an outline of a snowman on a piece of paper (three circles). Bend and glue the pipecleaner on the middle circle for the arms (you could also use sticks, straws, popsicle sticks, etc). Gently pull and loosen the cottonballs and then glue them onto the paper, filling in the sketch. Glue on raisins for eyes, nose (opt), mouth, and buttons.


(Crafts) Paper Snowflakes

Classic crafts are the best! In addition to personal memories, you also get culture’s history and traditions that brighten the package and reinforce the experience. As a bonus, they are usually some of the easier projects to complete.

Paper snowflakes are among the top classic winter crafts. You see them everywhere during the holidays! Hanging from store ceilings, taped to classroom doors, or adorning Christmas trees. They are magical in their simplicity.

To create a paper snowflake, simply fold a square piece of paper into a triangle. Then fold it into a still smaller triangle, and repeat several times. Cut out triangles, half circles, slits, or whatever shape you dream up, along the edges of the final folded triangle. This is wonderful for young kids whose cuts aren’t “perfect” – it simply adds to the uniqueness of their snowflake. Then unfold! Watch the wonder in your child’s eyes. snowflakes