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(Living Love) Parenting Affirmation

When we interact closely with our children, we can often overlook a special way that our children look at or respond to us. You know, those moments that tell us we are doing something right. Parenting is hard and we get relatively little feedback, so somebody pointing out one of those moments can be really encouraging.

Watch for those little moments to come up when your spouse is interacting with your children. Make note of it and point it out to him later when you the two of you alone. Tell him how you saw the child’s face light up when your spouse complimented them on the way they completed a task or how you noticed their mood completely change after your spouse took a moment to ask them why they seemed to be having a hard day. These little moments in the life of our children are so significant, but we often don’t give them enough credit. Just a little bit of affirmation on our parenting efforts can really lighten our step and make a difference in our energy and motivation to push forward. It is a little, but great gift that you can give to both your spouse and to your children.


(Living Love) Dry Erase Love

Love notes are a powerful way to express love. They are usually unexpected and affirming in word and action.

One of my favorite forms of love notes are ones that are written with a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror or shower door. They make you smile as you brush your teeth or remind you that you are loved as you begin your day. And if you leave a dry erase marker in a bathroom drawer, it is token of affection that can be done spontaneously and easily.

A few loving words and the effort spent to show affection can make all the difference in your relationship and in the day of your loved one.



(Living Love) Two Things

Even when we are not consciously thinking about it, we are growing, changing and modifying our behavior based on experiences, consequences, and feedback (subtle or clear) that we get from those around us. We frequently see things in our spouse that we want them to change or to do more often. But when they do something that does make you feel loved, considered, or taken care of, do you take a moment to affirm or thank them?

Look back on the last week and find two things that your spouse did that made you feel loved or that was important to you. Maybe it was an unexpected hug, them filling up your car with gas or doing a simple chore for you, tucking the kids into bed so that you could have a break, or a compliment that they gave you. In a quiet way, just thank them for it and maybe add on a brief comment about how it impacted your day.

Most changes in people don’t happen overnight. Just as you want people to be patient with your gradual growth, do the same for your spouse. It is so easy to give negative feedback, but I challenge you this week to find two places to give them positive feedback.